Quarté brand expresses passion and creative freedom through design for the wearer to express love for life freely and passionately in aesthetically pleasing clothing that uplifts them and enhances their sense of style. Quarté is the brainchild of Ghanaian born USA based designer Larry Quartey.  An Alumnus of New York Fashion Institute of Technology (F I T), Larry has mastered his creative craft for fashion design working in the industry for over 10 years in the USA. His love for fashion began at a very young age, using his talent and unique gift to transform creative ideas into sought after garments for private clients. Highly skilled with strong technical know-how, Larry spends his time honing his skills to create quality ready-to-wear designs and special bespoke pieces.  After over a decade of working behind the scenes, Larry Quartey steps into the fashion industry space to establish his atelier focused on  womenswear and yet to be incorpoarted menswear line.