Passionate entrepreneur Mzukisi Mbane was born and raised in Cape Town’s, Khayelitsha Township, highly driven, a self-taught fashion and designer and brand ambassador Mbane holds a Bachelor of Accounting Sciences. Mzukisi’s design influences are somewhat fluid in their individualism. Some of his favourite muses to pull inspiration from include Sophiatown and the music band, Mafikizolo. Mbane also takes from his Africanism, the use of select traditional prints and motifs. Music is also a large influencer in his work, with Kanye West as a style icon; translating the sleek and chic style of Mr. West’s into his work and pulls out specific likes to create a look that is the urban Imprint brand.  Mzukisi’s brand Imprint creates fashion-forward lifestyle pieces rooted in street wear and vintage influences. Imprint is driven by its key ethos, “Leave a mark”, which speaks to always believing in oneself, taking calculated risks and pushing boundaries. Imprint has and will continue to work with traditional heritage prints as part of its aesthetic.