Textile Print designer Rosemond Robertson is the founder of MAAKAI Textile Print, taking her inspiration from her root in west Africa, Ghana and her global surroundings. Maakai Textile Print is a unique contemporary interpretation of African creative heritage and global influences with vibrant and cool palettes of colours, created with passion to introduce the new wave of authentic Africa print designs and quality bespoke fabrics for contemporary Home Deco,  Fashion Fabrics and Accesories. The new product of Maakai Textile Print confidently constructing her own style identity. Maakai Textile Print is eye catching with timeless appreciation workmanship that ensures what the client loves and will always demand. Rosemond echoes” I have always been inspired by African poetic objects, I believe if you put emotional inspiring images into life it makes you feel beautiful event when all is not well.” You will not find this beauty in a mall or mass-produced item, only hand-made designs, where each piece has a unique place in the heart and hand of the designer. It’s non-stop capacity to produce the right fabrics and colours at the right price, making it a very limited and unique fabric print designed products, screened printed on silk, linen, Jersey,cotton and stretch fabrics made from original drawings. This keeps each piece totally unique and special and keeps the creative vibe of each fabrics alive and magical. When you buy hand-made, you are supporting the Art. Art inspires the soul; you are promoting a better and more beautiful world.