Hazza clothing is an independently owned designer label led by Hassan Alfaziz Iddrisu based in Accra-Ghana. A fashion label offering contemporary collection created for every social need, equally at home in the city bar scene, on the terraces or in the pub.The fashion brand was established in the year 2012 on the basis of styling people, and catering for vintage apparel, as well as offering contemporary fashion clothing to the fashion savvy. In year 2014 the brand took a bold step delving into the in-depths of the fashion industry. “As part of our hallmark which is – “Exceptionally Artsy African Dernier Cri”, we look forward to using contemporary and old forms of fashion with an African touch to produce both formal and informal walks of life clothing with respect to women and men, thus earning one a finessed look. By paying a conscientious attention to details, we intend to satisfy our customers and clients, thus establishing stronghold for more acquaintances thereby expanding the business of fashion in Africa worldwide.With Hazza, we are about fearlessness and adventure.”